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Homemaking and Companionship

Personal Care Assistants

Are you worried about the home of your grandparents that is getting messier day by day due to dirty shelves, pile of unclean clothes, cluttered stairs & so on? Or do you have concerns related to sister who is ill and does not remember taking her medicines on time? Or are you worried about your lonely old parent for whom needs more care than you can provide? Or are you worried about your disabled uncle who cannot take care of himself and is not ready to go to nursing center? If you are facing any of these types of problems, don't worry! We can help you!

Kind & Karing Home Care offers its Homemaking and Companionship services to children, adults, elderly and disabled individuals who cannot manage day-to-day household chores or need a companion to spend some good quality time with.

We provide kind, caring, reliable, polite and loving Homemakers and Companions with the right amount of support to individuals in their own home in the Twin Cities area and surrounding suburbs.

We are proud to offer these cares at an affordable price for those that need help at home.

To know more about our services, call us at 612-290-1514