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What Are The Benefits Of In Home Companion Care For Seniors?

As our loved ones get older, they are unable to do get together with friends, travel and drive a car that results in losing social connections. Losing long time friends make them lonely. Inability to perform day to day life activities due to aging makes them depressed. What adds to their loneliness and depression is the lack of attention and care given to them on the part of the family members. Undoubtedly, it is the responsibility of family members to look after the senior person. But, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for the family members to provide enough care and attention to elderly due to kids, job, education or any other responsibility. If you don’t have enough time to help your older loved one get out of the loneliness and depression, then don’t worry. You can get in-home companion care services for them. It is really the best option for those elderly who are isolated and also for those who need little assistance with day to day life activities. Don’t know, will the companion care really help your elderly or not? Read the benefits of in home companion care for seniors given below.

Helps improve physical and emotional health of elderly

According to research, elder people who feel isolated and lonely get ill 5 times more quickly as compared to those who have social connections. Studies have also confirmed that anxiety, depression and lowliness can lead to decrease in life span. Companions give enough emotional support to seniors to help them get out of depression and loneliness. Companions encourage seniors to stay physical active so that they can live a healthy life.

Helps improve mental alertness in seniors

Companions involve seniors in conversations and also play mentally challenging games with them to boost their mental alertness and reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Offers sense of security to seniors

It is to be noted that as we age, we become weak and more dependent on others, coping with problems alone become almost impossible for us. That is why, seniors are scared and insecure because they know that in case of emergencies there will not be anybody to help them. In- home companion care develops sense of security in seniors because they know that there is somebody at home other than them who can protect them and keep them in case of any emergency.

Offers relief to family members

Hiring an in-home companion offers peace of mind and sense of relief to family members because they know that their senior loved one is not alone at home, there is someone at home who will give them good company and will also assist them with everyday life activities such as shopping, cooking, laundry, bathing, dressing up, arranging appointments with doctors, etc.

Give opportunity to seniors to pour their heart out

As we get older, we need attention and a listening ear. We like to share our opinions, thoughts, feelings and memories with a friend/companion who gives importance to what we say.  Seniors who live alone really get depressed and frustrated because they don’t have anyone in front of whom they can pour their hearts out. In-home companion care offers opportunity to seniors to pour their hearts out. Companions act as friends who listen to what a senior person has to say.

Helps seniors retain their dignity

When seniors are unable to perform their household and personal tasks they begin feeling that they are a burden on family members. In-home companions assist the elderly in their household tasks, personal tasks and also help them to maintain their social connections. In this way, companion care helps the seniors to live an independent life with dignity.