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5 Common Myths about Home Care Services

Despite the fact that home care has been accepted as one of the best alternatives to nursing homes, many misconceptions and myths prevail in our society related to home care industry.  Negative rumors related to home care services and in-home caregivers are not only affecting home care industry but also increasing sufferings of those that need non-medical and medical help at home but do not hire a caregiver because of these misconceptions. For all those who do not have a clear understanding of the home care services or have any doubt related to home care agencies, we are presenting 5 myths related to home care.

Home care is for chronically ill person

Home care is the care provided to children, adults, disabled, chronically ill, or older individuals in the individual’s residence by a caregiver. Home care services include medical and non-medical care provided by a caregiver. Medical care includes medication management, checking of vital signs, mobility assistance, wound care, and etc. On the other hand, non-medical assistance includes meal preparation, companionship, grocery shopping, housekeeping, and much more.

Home care services are expensive

It is a common misconception that home health care services are expensive. While the fact is home health care services are less costly when compared to nursing homes. Home care agencies charge clients on the basis of amount and type of care needed. According to a survey conducted by Carescout in 2016 (covering 440 regions across USA), per month the cost of homemaker services is $3,813, per month the cost of home health aide services is $3,861. However, per month the cost of nursing home care is $6,844.

Home care is only for elderly and senior adults

Not all at! Home care services are for all those that need non-medical and medical care at home whether the patient is a child, adult or elderly.

Home care professionals are not reliable

We know of very few cases where in-home care professional took advantage of the client. It does not mean that we declare all in-home care professionals dishonest because of few cases. What you should do before hiring any in-home care service provider is check the reputation of the caregiver agency.  Questions to ask the agency prior to hiring should include how does the agency screen, train and certify their staff.  Once that information is gathered then a decision should be made.

Home care services make people dependent on caregivers

That’s not true. Instead, in-home care professionals just provide support to the child, adult, elderly, disabled, or ill individual so that they can live an independent life on their own.

Home care is not for long term needs

The fact is home care is an amazing option for people that have either short or long term medical or non-medical care needs. You can get a trained and experienced caregiver or a team of caregivers at home according to your love one’s needs.

Client cannot select caregiver

This is another common myth about home care.  Home care agencies allow you to select an individual from their home care professionals that fits needs and personality of your loved one. Besides this, if your loved one feels uncomfortable with caregiver or if you feel that caregiver is not fulfilling care needs of your loved one then you have the right to replace that caregiver with a better one.